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A selection of my articles in print and online. 

Peninsula Hot Springs - Spa Dreaming Centre (19).jpg
Country & Town House
Australia's Hot Springs
Citizen Femme
Spa of the Month: Vana
SMMBC Exterior - Elise Hassey (2).jpg
Shinta Mani Mustang
Intelligent Magazine
Ananda Sleep Retreat
SMMBC Amchi Tsewang Gyurme Gurung (1).jpg
Luxury London
Healing in the Himalayas
Inland Sea Courtesy Qatar Tourism.jpg
City AM
Desert Adventures
City AM
Arabic Wellness
Maldives Development Report-page-001.jpg
Maldives Report
Conde Nast Traveller June 2020.jpg
Condé Nast Traveller
Hot List Entry
Tatler Spa Guide 2022
Kagi Maldives Spa
Tatler Spa Guide 2022
The Nautilus Maldives_July19-1466.jpg
Robb Report
Holistic Wellness
3. Arctic Bath hotel review Conde Nast T
Condé Nast Traveller
Arctic Bath Review 
Pip Roe credit Michael Aw.jpg
Citizen Femme
Marine Conservation
MarchApril Weekender page.jpg
Country & Town House
Isles of Scilly
Sleeper cover.jpg
Arctic Bath Hotel Design
4. Exploring the Atlas Mountains Jetsett
Atlas Mountains
7. Stargazing in Kenya Boat Internationa
Boat International
Stargazing in Kenya
11. Oman's precious frankincense City AM
City AM Magazine 
Oman's Precious Resin
14. Fingal floating hotel review The Sun
The Sunday Times
Fingal Floating Hotel  
5. Empty Quarter desert adventure Robb R
Robb Report
Empty Quarter Desert
9. Sicilian summer escape The Sunday Tim
The Sunday Times
Sicilian Summer Escape
12. Marrakech motorbike adventure The Ev
The Evening Standard
Marrakech by Motorbike
15. Adventures in Big Sur In the Moment.
In the Moment
Adventures in Big Sur 
6. Arijiju hotel design Boat Internation
Boat International
Arijiju Hotel Design
10. Moroccan spas City AM Magazine.jpg
City AM Magazine
Moroccan Hammam Spas
13. A culinary journey to Marrakech Epic
A Culinary Journey to Marrakech
16. Exploring Ojai The Sunday Times.jpg
The Sunday Times 
Exploring Ojai
17. LA's best beach hotels The Sunday Ti
The Sunday Times 
LA's Best Beach Hotels
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