E X P L O R E R.
W E L L N E S S  J U N K I E.
S O U L  S E E K E R.

I write about experiential luxury travel, ecotourism, indigenous cultures, equestrian escapes, and spa and wellness breaks for the likes of The Sunday Times, The Evening Standard, City AM Magazine, JetsetterBoat International, Robb Report, Sleeper and Condé Nast Traveller.


My work has taken me to environments as diverse as the frozen wilderness of the Arctic, the grassy plains of the Kenyan bush and the sweeping sand dunes of Oman’s Empty Quarter desert.


I am passionate about promoting sustainable travel and experiences that foster a greater understanding of cultures around the world. 

Having grown up in Sweden and being half-Argentinian, I am fluent in Swedish and Spanish. I have an MA in Magazine Journalism from City University of London and I am a member of the British Guild of Travel Writers. 

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